The aim of this unit is enable learners to identify their own role in relation to duties, responsibilities in relation to employer and other members of the healthcare team
As well as focusing on professional knowledge the unit will also cover how the learner can develop their own practice as a healthcare worker
This unit provides learners with an understanding of the importance of values that are core to care practice: respect, rights, diversity, equality, inclusion and prevention of abuse in promoting an individual’s right to dignity.
The unit defines the terms and supports the learner in investigating the importance of rights, dignity and inclusive practice in supporting the care, protection and well-being of the individual. Learners will investigate their own values and beliefs and potential effects on care delivery and professional practice.
The focus of this unit is on communicating effectively working collaboratively and documenting and sharing information with and about individuals in a health care setting
This unit is concerned with getting learners to understand the legal and workplace standards for health and safety. Thus unit develops learners knowledge of awareness of hazards and risks in the workplace as well as encouraging good health and safety practice
The focus of this unit is to give learners the opportunity to develop their understanding and knowledge of how to support individuals to meet the needs to live and the support required to live as independently as possible
The focus of this unit is provide learners with the opportunity to understand how the person centred approach aids and assists the individual’s physical and mental well-being
Following on from the previous unit this unit focuses on the factors that lead to pain, discomfort, distress and how individuals express these feelings.
Learners are taught how to help individuals with pain and methods and approaches to promote rest and sleep.